Oh baby!

There has been so much going on in the last few months. The biggest event was the birth of our new baby girl in May. Here is my favorite picture.DSC_1830

I see this picture and it takes me back to that amazing moment when I really got the chance to look at her for the first time…. you see how tiny and precious they are, and you feel so proud of yourself for bringing this amazing little person into the world, and you’re relieved, of course, that the whole business of birth is out of the way.

I thought I would be right back to sewing practically the day after giving birth….well I was at home within 24 hours, but I was not working!! I forgot how tiring newborns can be. So, now here we are almost 4 months later and I’m back to sewing for other people, and even occasionally, for myself.

My first few projects have been cloth diapers for a friend. Using a new pattern that is a mix of a free pattern, a purchased pattern, and my own tweaks that I have found useful in my own cloth diapering journey, I think it’s a pretty awesome diaper! A few of the diapers have already been sent, but I have a few more ready to go. The three pink dot ones are pocket diapers, and I have tried them out, and I love them….I love the fit, they contain messes very well, and they are so so soft on the inside. They snap down to fit multiple sizes, and the elastic is so soft and stretchy it will hold in messes for babies with any size of legs!


This is a fitted style diaper. It’s job is to absorb all the liquids and catch the poo, but it’s not waterproof and so it requires a cover. These are my favorite diapers for night time because they can soak up so much pee! This particular one was made with two layers of flannel and one layer of bamboo fleece. The snap-in insert is made with two layers of bamboo fleece and one layer of zorb (a fabric made from synthetic and natural fibers and is very very absorbent) in the middle.


Here is the cover that would go over  the fitted diaper.

DSC_0649Here is a close up of the leg gussets that keep messes inside the diaper.

DSC_0650And a few action shots….

Coming soon….more diapers and some baby bedding for a handsome little guy that is due soon! Can’t wait to share more projects with you! Here’s a little sneak peak of the bedding….it’s going to be so cute! I <3 whales.





What’s been going on…

It’s been quiet here and on my facebook page for sometime now. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been crafty in one form or another, I’ve just been doing it quietly :)

We have some exciting news that I haven’t shared here or anywhere on the internet, but thanks to my husband posting a picture on facebook, well the secret is basically out…..we are expecting a little girl within the next month. Her due date is 3 weeks away, but for some reason I have had a sneaking suspicion she won’t stay in that long, but I’ve been wrong before, so we shall see!

A new baby means a lot of sewing in preparation. We knew that we would use cloth diapers, and since I had sold much of our stash a while ago, I needed to replenish it. I bought some (new and used) and I’ve made some. I don’t love making diapers for some reason, but I always love the end product. I will be over the moon excited if they actually work! I made a few pockets, a few covers, and a few fitteds. I made some flats….which saying I ‘made’ them, seems ridiculous…ok, I cut out some giant squares and then serged the edges of about 8 flats. And, can I admit that I am so excited to give them a try! You fold them in a million different ways and then when you go to wash, they are just one big piece of fabric, which means easier to wash, faster to dry, can’t beat that! I also cut out and serged about 2 dozen wipes, but I think I will probably need to double that amount.

DSC_1709Besides diapers I have made a few very simple outfits. I had to make sure I didn’t go overboard with the clothing because thanks to generous friends, and my own forgotten hoarding stash of baby girl clothes, she is practically set until we hit 18 months. I have had lots of help making these tiny little outfits. My daughter is becoming quite the sewist and she loves making things for the baby. I have lost count of all the stuffed animals, toys, and even little night gowns she has made for her little sister. She’s going to be such a wonderful, doting big sister, and I can’t wait to see that relationship blossom. My son is very excited too, and although he mentions making things for her, he loses steam quickly, which isn’t surprising about a 6 year old boy.

This is the gown Adelyn made, almost completely on her own. So cute, right?! I would be curious to see what you all think about this. She is dead set on selling her wares (to earn money for lego friends, of course!), and I was trying to tell her that this might be her ticket…simple style, easy for her to sew well, and really cute! So, who would purchase something like this from a seven year old, anyone?


A lightweight gauze dress, a t-shirt with matching leggings…which look super long, but they are meant to be scrunched, and a simple little purple shirt. 


Here is my favorite little kimono shirt with a snap closure, and another simple long sleeve shirt….I think it really needs a matching diaper!

My biggest project, and the one I procrastinated the most, was my diaper bag. I had an image in my head, and I tried to ‘pin’ lots of close examples, and wrap my brain around how exactly I was supposed to put this bag together….and I just kept putting it off, and putting it off and putting it off. Well, last week we had a horrible thing happen…my sweet Cosmo dog had a rough day due to having cancer, and I couldn’t watch him suffer anymore. I had to pack him up and take him to the vet to say goodbye, which was much much harder than I ever could have guessed. The guilt of taking him, but the relief of knowing he was no longer hurting was just an intense experience and made even more so by pregnancy hormones, I’m sure.

Anyways, to keep my mind off of everything I just holed up in my crafting space and started on this bag. I spent hours working on it, putting it together, taking it apart, swearing, putting it together again, and hoping for the best. I love everything about it, except it’s size. It’s enormous. Like, I could fit baby stuff for a week in there and still have room to tote the baby if I felt like it, kind of space. I would definitely classify it as a weekend bag or an overnight bag, but since I spent so much time and effort, I might just carry it as a diaper bag anyways. Maybe it will turn me into an always prepared mom, rather than the oops-I-didn’t-bring-that mom that I have always been. I’ll let you know!

Check out those handles!!! I totally made those! Note: I did not take an up close picture because one looks awesome and totally professional, and for some reason the other just wouldn’t cooperate…I could not redo it again though, I just gave in to the imperfections after working on it for so many hours.


It’s made out of laminated fabric, which is expensive and a bit of a pain to sew with. It made some of my stitches look ugly, and that really bothers me, but not enough to try to fix them at this point. I still need to order some snaps that will match the exterior, I think I’ll get gray because it seems like it would be easier to match than the florescent pink, plus I really want the snaps to blend in rather than stick out. The snaps will keep the front pockets from gaping open so easily, and to ensure that my stuff doesn’t slip out of those pockets. I think if I had used a heavier stabilizer that this wouldn’t be as much of an issue, but I’ve never sewn with this stuff before and I (wrongly) assumed it would hold it’s shape without needing so much extra support. Live and learn, I guess.




Plenty of space inside, and the stretchy pockets, while not my favorite, really hold in the diapers and such and help to keep things separated and mostly organized. DSC_1706



It’s so big it holds a weeks worth of clothes and about 15 newborn diapers, and there is still room at the top for blankets or whatever else I could possibly need. I also had plenty of room left over in the outside pockets, since all that’s in there is a wet bag.DSC_1723

I have also knitted a few things: diaper cover (pictured above with the diapers), a little short sleeved sweater, some ruffly pants, and a couple of hats. The ruffly pants were probably a dumb thing to knit, due to the heat here, but if we are inside she can wear them. They are wool and meant to be cute but also functional as a diaper cover.


So that’s mostly what I’ve been working on. I did manage to make a dog bed cover for a friend, which I didn’t photograph because it’s just a simple cover. And, I have an order for a lovely little girl’s pillow cover, which is going to be adorable as soon as all the fabric arrives for it. I still have a list of things I want to make:

  1. Crib sheets (I need to order this fabric, now that I’ve decided what I want)
  2. Receiving blankets (I bought some gauze fabric for this, although it’s not as soft as I was hoping)
  3. Baby quilt (no rush, it will be hot soon)
  4. More diapers in various sizes, or attempt some one size diapers…so many snaps to set though! (I’m so lazy)
  5. Wipes
  6. Knit some baby socks, even though it’s a million degrees here in the summer :)
  7. More baby night gowns

The list is getting smaller, it did have 14 or 15 things on it. Some I’ve scrapped, some I’ve completed. I’m sure I will think of more…usually at night, when I can’t sleep is when I start adding to my sewing list ;)

Is there anything I’m leaving out? Let me know in the comment section….sometimes pregnant brain keeps me from thinking about the obvious!

More baby bedding


 This was an order from dear friends of mine. They wanted a fun bedding set for their baby girl and I think we accomplished that. Luckily the yellow in the bedding matched the walls perfectly and the rest of the colors blended really well with everything. I’m so excited for them and even more excited that I got to be a part of her nursery!!!   



That last picture is of one of the hand made gifts I brought to the baby shower. I love the look of hoop art on the wall, and hopefully they do too. I still owe her a couple of diapers since they are giving cloth a shot, but I ran out of time to get those finished before the surprise baby shower….still hoping to get them made before she’s walking ;)


On the needles


I finished another quilt and mailed it off to it’s recipient. Hopefully they get lots of enjoyment and use out of it. And, a special thank you to the person who ordered it for her friend (which I happen to think is very thoughtful and generous), and for her many other orders that have been showcased on this blog and on facebook, and who inspired this particular style of quilt in the first place. I used Maritime Modern by Riley Blake and I really ended up loving these prints! All the nautical touches and the colors are fantastic. I know my photog skills did not capture the lovely colors in this quilt very well, but the teals, and navy and red just really pop and make this a very patriotic and nautical little navy quilt.

In between working on quilts I have been knitting and crocheting as much as possible. The best part of working on these projects is that they are completely mobile!! I can knit/crochet while I’m at the kids’ practices, while watching tv, or while riding in the car. Which is very convenient, since I feel like we are on the go more often than not these days.

Here are most of the ones I have been working on recently. Some are done, some are still in need of their ends being tucked away, and some are still very much a work in progress.

DSC_1490 (2)


Most of these are orders and a couple are gifts. I can’t wait to send them all off and then get started on more projects. It’s been nice to knit and crochet some…I hadn’t made anything in so long! My hands are out of practice and that has left my fingers and wrists sore off and on, but the more you do it the less soreness you have.

I started a project for me, which I hardly ever take the time to do. It’s a huge cowl that has a very pretty and simple lace pattern. It will be plenty large enough to wrap around my neck twice and it will still be loose. Basically, I’m knitting an infinity scarf. Made from the yummy and wonderful Malabrigo wool….it’s quite the treat. I’ve been holding on to this yarn for more than three years in search of the perfect project, and I’m pretty sure this one is it….I just have to make myself finish it!!

So that’s it for now. After Thanksgiving I’m sure there will be more to share, as I’m hoping to get lots of knitting done during the holiday. Once these orders are mailed off it will be on to Christmas gifts! Because there’s nothing like waiting to hand make your gifts until the last few weeks until Christmas :)

Oh, and I just wanted to say thank you again to those of you who order from me time after time and give these items to friends and family. It means a lot to me, and it still amazes me that you would choose me to make such special items for the special people in your lives! Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope that it all brings you (and the ones who receive it) as much joy as it has me <3

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday!


Baby bedding and a couple of quilts

Here are a few things that have been going on lately.

1459200_10151984128249293_781816692_n 1422367_10151984128129293_221009272_n 1450193_10151984128369293_1021980311_nThank you Michele for sending me pictures after it was all put up! I don’t have a crib set up, so all of the pictures I took are very awkward with the bedding on the floor!

Here are some of those awkward photos I was talking about:

1382851_541262325944888_454630356_n 1378519_548938001843987_1992810524_nYou get the idea though!

Edited to add an updated picture of the above bedding in action:



Check out that amazing paint job!! One very lucky little boy gets to enjoy growing up in a safari! Thanks Della for the picture :)


Both sets were fun to make and hopefully they will get lots of use. Thanks to both mom’s for ordering from me and letting me be a small part of their baby’s world. It was a pleasure working with both of them.

I’m currently taking custom orders of all shapes and sizes. I don’t have a set price because everything about it is custom. You can choose if you want bumper pads or not, maybe you prefer a teething protector and no bumper pads. You could pick a quilt or just a simple throw blanket, pillows, sheets, crib skirts, changing pad covers, and for the top room I even made seat cushions for the rocking chair….the chair hasn’t arrived yet so no pics of it. The sky is the limit for options and the price will be discussed individually with each order.

Aside from baby bedding I have been working on quilts. Some have turned out wonderfully and some have been transformed by the washing machine and navy blue fabric from a store that I once loved. I still have one more that I need to take pictures of, so I will save it for another post.

1234559_541264962611291_1799024357_n 1374165_541264979277956_332968291_n



Here is the one that should be a white background…..

1378728_541265179277936_1392642254_n*sigh* This quilt has a happy ending though! It found a nice new home with a lovely lady and her newest addition that is coming soon. Luckily, when the blue bled all over everything it did it in the most even way possible. It almost looks like it was supposed to be that way, but to the one who knows what it was supposed to look like (me!)….huge bummer!

I will be sharing more soon. There are blankets and hats and booties, oh my!! It’s getting to be that time of year when baby hats are my biggest order and I’m really enjoying busting out the needles and trying new stitches this year.




Newest quilt

I was supposed be on vacation…well we were really moving and took a mini vacation in the middle of that time. Anyways, I announced on facebook that I wouldn’t be taking any new orders for the next month since we would be moving around and living out of suitcases for a while.

Shortly after posting that I received an email through etsy from someone looking to have a quilt made for her daughter’s birthday. She liked the last “Out to Sea” quilt I made, but needed one that would fit a full size bed. And, of course, I couldn’t refuse! Why not make a full size quilt while on vacation??

It took days to nail down the colors, prints, ect, but I think the extra time was well worth it. The colors are all gorgeous and not too matchy-matchy. Everything is underwater themed, and hopefully it’s everything this little girl was hoping for.

It was definitely challenging to be working on this while packing, moving, and travelling, but it was worth it. It was a great feeling of accomplishment to get this one finished and it arrived just in time for the big day!
DSC_1340 DSC_1342 (681x1024) DSC_1346I used various “Out to Sea” prints by Sarah Jane, and also lots of “Saltwater” by Tula Pink. The lovely round pillow was embroidered by the birthday girl’s grandmother, and she did a beautiful job.

I made two euro shams (18in) with the large map print and trimmed them with the navy striped piping. The little round pillow was piped with the coral chevron. All pillows have zippered openings for easy pillow removal.

The final size of this quilt came out to be 72×84.

Can’t wait to get started on the next projects. As soon as my machine is repaired (boo broken machines!) and ready to go I will have a baby bedding set and three new baby quilts to work on!


Finished one and started another

I posted my newest finished quilt on both facebook and etsy last week. I meant to post it on here as well, but after struggling with the internet connection and etsy, I just gave up for the time being.

So, here is the finished quilt. It’s 35×46, which should be a nice fit for a crib or toddler bed (which are typically about 28×52). I used one of my favorite fabric lines for kids, Out to Sea by Sarah Jane. Purchased from here and here.

It’s so fun and whimsical….girly pirates, mermaids, narwhals, just all sorts of nautical  goodies!DSC_0618 (1024x681) DSC_0619 (681x1024) DSC_0621 (1024x681) DSC_0622 (681x1024)

The layout of the patchwork was something I thought about a lot when I picked out this fabric. I wanted to include some tiny squares as well as some very large squares to really emphasize all of the different sizes of prints.

I’m hoping someone out there will love it as much as I do. It’s a really sweet little blanket that I put a lot of thought, love, and quality materials into.

While working on that pirate quilt, my son asked why I never make him quilts….which made me feel bad, and ask him what kind he would want. Of course, he says Mario! And how do you make a mario quilt, you ask?? Well check out this blog…my husband thinks I won’t attempt it, but I plan to follow through with this one. I just have to find the right colors and get started.

My daughter jumped in too, saying she wanted one with a laundry list of colors and prints. I showed her some pictures of my favorite patchwork designs and she let me know which ones were ok with her.

Before getting started on either of those I have been cutting strips for the “Scrappy Trip” quiltalong. It’s all over flickr and instagram…neither of which I am a member…but I had seen pictures on all my favorite blogs, and it was hard to resist such colorful, fun blankets. I followed the same tutorial as everyone else, found here.

Here’s what I have so far…

DSC_0624 (1024x681)


I love the crazy prints and bright colors. Hopefully I will have time to add more to it later today. I have a feeling this quilt is going to take me a while….I’ll post some pics as I make progress :)

Well, I better get back to the kid’s and their schoolwork. Gotta get school out of the way to make time for sewing, right ;)?!

It’s been a while…

So much has happened since the last time I posted that there is no way that I can fill it all in. 1. It would be a super long post, 2. there’s a good chance I don’t remember a lot of it anyways….I have a terrible mommy-memory.

So skipping over Christmas and New years and all that, I’ll go straight to the best part of the last couple of months….my little boy turned 5! Time is just flying by these days. It’s so hard to believe that I am the mother of a 5 and 6 year old. Apparently it’s just as hard for them to believe that their mother could possibly be 29!! They thought that was so crazy on my birthday…one of them even said, “there aren’t enough candles for you”.

DSC_0535 (1024x681)


All he wanted for his birthday was a Mario cake, a bounce house, and a pinata. He’s pretty easy to please, and I was happy we were able to get everything he wanted. He was genuinely appreciative of his party and had a great time with his friends.

DSC_0495 (681x1024)


After all the cake, running, jumping, pinata smacking, and candy eating, this is what we were left with….a bed full of sleepy kids and dogs :)

DSC_0536 (1024x681)


After his birthday I was worn out from the cake building and food making, so I took some time off from making anything! I seriously just focused on the kid’s school work and keeping the house at a manageable level of clean. I also started running again, and have been fairly good at staying on task with that. However, I forgot to fit sewing, knitting, or any other crafty things into my days. So the past couple of weeks I have been recovering from my crafting slumber.

Here’s what I’ve got to show for the last couple of weeks…

I saw a picture on pinterest about half square triangles and how to make them super fast! (Click here for the blog with the tutorial) . It worked, sort of. I mean the tutorial was awesome, but I cut mine smaller than what the tutorial said and they were all so tiny! Anyways, now I have this block of half square triangles and it’s not big enough for a blanket, and I’m out of this print…so I’m thinking maybe a large throw pillow or maybe I’ll just hold on to it and see what happens.

DSC_0583 (2) (681x1024)


So after I finished learning how to make half square triangles I wanted to figure out how to make cathedral windows. I have always been fascinated by them, so I found about a million and five tutorials, all doing it a slightly different way…so I picked and chose the way I wanted to do it, and this is what happened! Too bad I ran out of white….I need to make a few more before it can become a pillow and be sent to it’s new home. DSC_0581 (2) (681x1024)


This one is for my mom. She said she needed a bag to carry books to Sunday school. I just happened to have this little block of hand embroidered goodness laying around and no idea what to do with it. Worked out pretty perfect…my mom used to sing ‘You are my sunshine’ all the time, and I loved hearing it. Hope it fits her books. And, yes, it is missing the strap….my daughter is a supply thief and she stole the material I was going to use to finish this…so I’m on the hunt for a replacement strap.

DSC_0579 (2) (1024x681)


And it has these super cool eyelets for the straps….they are so shiny :)


DSC_0580 (2) (681x1024)


Next up, a wallet for Steven. He originally intended to help me make it, but he was distracted by legos. So I mostly made it solo.

DSC_0601 (1024x681)

DSC_0602 (681x1024)DSC_0600 (681x1024)







This quilt has been a work in progress for a while. Well, it’s still technically a work in progress…but the top is finished and that’s an accomplishment, right!? I used the ‘Out to Sea’ collection by Sarah Jane. It’s so pretty, and girly. I just can’t wait to finish it up!!

I <3 patchwork quilts!

DSC_0591 (681x1024)

And last for now….a checkerboard! I have had the idea in my head for a while, but today I took the time to test it out. My kids are into board games and card games right now, so I figured they would like it, and I was totally right!! They played with it for a couple of hours today. Here’s what I came up with:

DSC_0574 (1024x681)


We didn’t have any actual checkers so we used Adelyn’s buttons. The other side has a tic tac toe board (which is also a fave around here).

DSC_0573 (1024x681)


I used iron on stabilizer on both sides, but didn’t quilt it. It is completely finished on the inside as well, so you can store all the game pieces inside of it….or stuff something soft in there and you’ll have a checkerboard pillow!

DSC_0578 (2)


I think next time I make one I will only use one print, and the other will be a solid. I just really love the ‘Fly a Kite’ collection and it was right on top of my fabric stash. I ran out of the cathedral window looking one and had to use off white…which is how I knew that it would have looked better with the off white and red/white polka dots. Oh well, the kids loved it and that’s what counts!

Well hopefully I won’t wait so long to post again. I already have another post that needs to be made…all the projects my budding sewist has been working on. Adelyn is a little worker bee when it comes to crafting…she has been sewing like crazy and has more finished project than I do at this point!

My baby girl is turning 6

It’s true…tomorrow I will be the mother of a 6 year old! My first born is having a birthday and she couldn’t be more excited. She’s been counting it down for over a month now. I’m excited for her, but sad that the time has just flown by. Seems like yesterday that we watching her do this:

Now we get to watch her doing this (she just scored her first goal!):

It’s hard to believe how big she is getting. In the last few months she has been learning to read, she loves math, she recently decided she would learn to crochet and to sew (so proud!). She is an enormous help around the house, choosing to do dishes in return for an allowance, and she is even learning to spend her money wisely and only if there is something she really, really wants. She is generous and kind to her friends, family, and strangers. I am in awe of the amazing little girl she has become, and if you couldn’t tell…I love her to pieces :)

So, for her birthday I really wanted to make something special for her. She really loves to make gifts for others and she genuinely enjoys receiving handmade gifts as well.

I have known for a while that I wanted to get her a sewing kit and fill it to the brim with colorful supplies. I got the idea of using a train case or suitcase from a post I found on Pinterest. I love old suitcases so this was right up my alley!! I had planned to go thrifting and find one in rough shape to fix up, but my sweet mother remembered that she had one in her attic. It belonged to my great grandmother whom Adelyn is named for.

She had used this case to hold her important papers. It was in excellent condition on the outside, but the inside could use some updating. I originally planned to modge podge some fabric all around the outside of the case, but I just couldn’t do it. It was too special to me to do that, so I just ripped out the stuff on the inside, cleaned it up, and left it to air out a bit with a bowl full of baking soda and a few drops of lavender oil.

Since I took all of the liner out, I had to replace it with something. It had been lined with cardboard….think of something around the thickness of cereal box cardboard…. and then that was covered with vinyl. My husband suggested using cork board instead of cardboard, which turned out to be an excellent idea!! The pre-cut pieces were exactly the right size, and the ones that had to be trimmed down only required a small amount of cutting. 

Once the cork was cut down to size I slipped it into place, then spread glue on the bottom half of each piece. I didn’t want to glue the top of the cork yet because I was making a fabric insert to slide into place. I didn’t get pics of the whole process, so sorry if it’s confusing….

Anyways, I chose to use the pink version of Riley Blake’s Fly a Kite collection in the case. I chose my fave 4 prints and cut them into 3.5 in strips, sewed them together and added a 5th fabric to be the bottom. I sewed the 4 sides of the box to the bottom fabric and then slid it into the train case and folded the excess fabric over the back of the cork, then glued the top of the cork and the fabric all into place against the side walls of the train case. If we ever decide to change out the fabric it should be pretty simple….just slide the knife between the fabric and the wall of the case and it should come loose, allowing me to make a new box of fabric to slide into place.

And….waaaalllllaaaaa! A brand new, old sewing case :) It’s special because it belonged to someone that was so special to me, and to be able to change it up a bit and give it new life was as much a gift to me as it will be to my daughter. I hope it is something that will be a keepsake for the rest of her life…..and if it’s not, that’s ok because I can always use a super cute sewing basket!! :)

I can’t wait for her to open it tomorrow. I know she’s going to love it.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, I know we are going to….birthday celebration, camping with dear friends on the beach, and soaking up as much sunshine and campfire as we can!!!


A couple of finished projects

I was finally able to check a couple of things off of my to do list this last week!! I love that feeling. There is still more to do, but it’s always nice to know you completed something :) So here is Meredith’s Naval Academy quilt! I love the colors and prints, Most of the prints are from the Lucy’s Crabshack Collection, and the chevrons are from Riley Blake Designs. The weather hasn’t been cooperating very much the last couple of days…but since I was going to send it off today no matter what, I had to just take a couple of shots even though the wind was blowing 100 mph. That’s why my little helpers are holding the sides….really they just wanted to be in the picture ;) Meredith, I hope your family gets lots of enjoyment and snuggles from your new blanket, and I want to wish you the best of luck on a smooth and speedy delivery! After finishing the quilt I was pumped and wanted to finish another project that has been put off time and time again….and this time it was a project for ME!! I figured if I was going to make this gypsy skirt I better get to it, because cooler weather will be here before I know it, and it will be too cold for skirts. So, here it is: I used Pat Bravo’s Indie collection. It was hard to pick my favorite 4 from this collection, but I eventually decided on these and I’m very happy with how it turned out. I love the colors, I love the flow-y feel, I love the fabric….I just love this skirt! Originally I had a wide (2.5 in) elastic waist band that was covered in knit fabric, but I cut it a little too long and didn’t want to redo it, so I just decided to make a drawstring top instead. I’m glad I did that, because like I told my friend Tiffany, I’ll never be too big or too small with this drawstring waist….I can always cinch it up or let it out.

Plus…it’s fun to twirl :)