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A little about me . . .

Hi friends! I’m Katie, the owner of Nomadic Needles. Crafting is in my blood! Even though I wasn’t thinking about it much when I was younger, I have been surrounded by creative people my whole life. I watched my Grandmama and her sister quilt together on their staycations. They stabbed away at a giant quilt spread out on a frame that hung from the ceiling, laughing and story-telling day and night. My Grandma Zetta crocheted non-stop, and each year I received a new, elaborate doll dress (among other lovely things) just for me at Christmas. My Mama Bibbie sat me down and showed me how to stitch tiny little bunnies that would fill up Easter baskets all over the house. I was beyond fortunate to know 3 of my great-Grandmother’s. All of them were incredibly talented makers….of everything! Food, crafts, clothes, they could do it all. My Mom made me all sorts of creative costumes and created lovely wooden eggs adorned with intricate pyrography. My Dad has made the most beautiful drawings, paintings, and the most entertaining caricatures that I’ve never been able to recreate.

Despite being surrounded by such talent, I didn’t find my own creative voice until I was about to have my first baby. I wanted to make her all the special things. I had a sewing machine I didn’t know how to use, and a learn-to-knit kit that I picked up and put down a million times without any progress. I confessed to a friend one day that I wanted to sew, but I was too afraid to set it up. She popped that baby out of the box, showed me how to thread it, and said ok…sew! That’s all it took, I was completely hooked. I sewed baby quilts, bags, burp rags, clothes. You name it, I wanted to sew it! Getting over the fear of starting something new was the spark my creative spirit needed. Soon after learning to sew, I began learning how to knit, crochet, embroider, cross-stitch, punch needle, weaving, macramé…basically any craft I could get my hands on!

Flash forward to today and I still enjoy finding and trying new-to-me crafts and techniques. Making things with my hands feeds my soul and keeps me sane (mostly). I’m not a master of any craft, and that’s okay with me. I thrive on variety and I love sharing what I know with anyone that will listen. I am Katie, okay-est at lots of things and master of none! Welcome to my corner of the internet, now pull up a chair and let’s make something!

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