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Can you ship my items?

*Yes! We are dedicated to servicing our customers from Guam to surrounding islands in this part of the Pacific and beyond. For Guam, when you place an order, everything will be packaged for you and available at the store. We can arrange Guam delivery/shipping for a fee, just contact us if you are unable to swing by the store. For those interested in purchases that are off-island, please contact us and we’ll work with you to find a shipper to meet your needs.


Can I rent a sewing machine for a class?

* Yes! I have multiple machines available to rent. It’s $5 for use during a lesson. After you add the class of your choice to your cart, go back to the Class tab and find the listing for Sewing Machine Rental. Add this listing to you cart and then you can check out normally.

Do you offer private classes?

*Yes! Please contact me if you are interested in private lessons so that we can set up a time and date that will work best for both of us!

Do you offer private Sip N Stitch events?

*Yes! If you and a group of friends would like to get together and relax with a little hand stitching, contact me! I love to make custom designs just for your group. All materials will be furnished for the craft you decide on.

Do you teach children or adults?

*Yes! I’m happy to teach students of any age. If you want to learn to sew, knit, crochet, punch needles or embroider, I want to teach you!


When will _____ be back in stock?

*If you see something on our website that is out of stock, you can sign up to be notified as soon as it is available. Unfortunately, shipping can be slow when coming by boat. If you don’t see something on our website but it’s something you would like us to carry, please reach out via email:

Can I see an item before I purchase it?

*Yes, I’m happy to welcome you to the shop to look at items for sale. If you are interested in a sewing machine, we have floor models you are welcome to try out before making that purchase.

Why are products so much more expensive than big-box stores?

*Unfortunately, it is expensive to get products moved 6,000 miles and beyond to Guam. We do our best to keep prices reasonable, but the challenges of living on a beautiful island in the western Pacific means we have to sell some products higher than big-box stores or above MSRP. This tends to be worst for freight intensive items and varies based on where our distributor is located and shipping options/limitations.

Why? In many cases, our items get shipped coast-to-coast back in the states before making the long journey across the Pacific Ocean. We even have vendors that, for various reasons, we cannot buy direct from Japan?!?! Those products must be shipped to the states before shipping back to Guam.

While we cannot always compete with the big-box stores, we can offer a few things. First, we won’t sell you something that has been damaged in it’s journey, so no painful returns and disappointing delivery days after weeks or months of anticipation; then only to battle with refunding/replacement and hours of chatting to get reimbursed for shipping when said big-box store sent you the wrong/damaged item. Our logistics partners take great care of our products and they are not tossed around like in some shipping methods. We also are not limited by air cargo limitations that prevent you from getting certain products. Though some items like batteries, etc. can have hefty shipping charges, we can still almost always get them here for you. If there's something for your crafting that you can't find, just ask and we'll figure out how to get it for you.

Second, our products are here for you to see, test drive and compare. We will help you understand the differences in products and guide you to the best fit for your project needs. Our goal is to empower you to meet your crafting needs with a personal touch you won't get shipped here.

Third, you can absolutely test out any sewing machines we have in stock. We will explain the differences, let you use them, and provide a walkthrough of the machines you purchase from us. Most importantly, we will take care of your machine and provide warranty service. Though you may be able to purchase our brands at other locations, we generally cannot provide warranty service free of charge on machines we do not sell. You must contact the seller and manufacturer first and will likely need to ship the product back to the seller.

What about returns?

*We want you to be happy with your purchase. Unopened items can usually be returned for a refund, though some may incur a restocking fee.  If you have a question on whether a stocking fee applies, be sure to ask prior to purchase. Sewing machines will generally have a restocking fee that varies depending on the model. You can anticipate machine restocking fees to be at least 25%.

Is everything you carry in stock?

*No! We try to stock popular items. We are always trying to add to our inventory to carry the high-demand items needed for your projects. If it's not in stock or we don't carry it, we can order most things crafting. If our vendors do not have it, we'll look for one that does. Some items we'll simply add to our list of future additions to add to routine shipments. Special-order and/or rushed items require a deposit. The deposit will range, but in most cases is 50-100 percent of the quoted price. Portions of the deposit are non-refundable, including the restocking fee at a minimum. Hard-to-sell items may have a higher restocking fee/non-refundable deposit. We'll give you the full details up front on ordering products, just let us know what you're looking for.

Where are you located?

We are located at 422 West O'Brien Dr Suite 103B, Hagåtña, 96910, Guam. Any changes to our hours will be posted on Google, Instagram, and Facebook.

Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed (if you see me in the shop it’s because I’m teaching, but still closed to retail shopping)
Tuesday: 10-5:30
Wednesday: 10-3
Thursday: 10-3
Friday: 10-5:30
Saturday: 11-2

We will continue to work hard to meet the crafting needs of Guam and the surrounding Pacific Islands. How can you help? Come by the shop and buy local!! This the best way to help us grow to meet your needs.

Sales and Discounts

Do you offer discounts, sales, coupons, etc.?

*Yes! What we do not offer are blanket discounts for a specific group (i.e. military, locals-only, etc.) Rather, we reward our regular customers that shop local through our rewards program. The more you shop local, the more rewards you get. Once you hit the threshold for rewards based on eligible purchases, you'll receive a reward coupon with details. You can see your progress towards a reward on your receipts and by logging into your account. As with anything, ask us if you have questions. ‡most products earn rewards, contact us for details on exclusions. Rewards, discounts, sales pricing, etc. may not be combined.

We also have FLASH SALES and scheduled sales that we announce via social media and/or newsletter. We send newsletter subscribers subscriber-only sales and discounts. The best way to get the latest on sales, discounts, etc. is to follow us on facebook, instagram, and sign up for our newsletter! If you can't find where to sign up for the newsletter on the website, just come to the store and we'll add you (email required)!

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