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Dia Mio Palette - Spring/Summer Knitting Yarn Various Colors

Spring/summer yarn

Refreshing color printed yarn

A new version of Dia Mio with a beautiful luster, creating a new image with long pitch print. By including a white scene in a combination of similar colors, it creates a very light and refreshing impression. The luster of Supima cotton and rayon makes the printed colors beautiful. Enjoy the comfortable feel and light feel of tape yarn, along with fresh colors. 

  • Material: 60% cotton, 40% rayon
  • Tailoring: 1 ball 25g (yarn length approx. 95m)
  • Thickness: Thick
  • Needles used: No. 5-6 bar needles, crochet 4/0~5/0 issue
  • Standard gauge: Stockinette stitch 23~25 stitches 30~32 rows
  • Standard usage (short sleeve pullover): 10 beads for ladies, 12 beads for men Spring/Summer 2019
*Special price and description Certain products are set at prices that are affordable to all customers and are therefore not eligible for discounts.

*Actual color may differ slightly depending on your monitor.

Made in Japan!